Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Announcement: Samanera & Sikkhavati Program 2014

MBMC Samanera & Sikkhavati Novitiate Program 2014 which will begin from 30th Nov 2014 to 14th Dec 2014. The following is the schedule for program preparation.

Starting Time
Ending time
9th Nov 2014 (Sunday)
a) Briefing for parents and child/children
b) distributing robes to prospective Samanera & Sikkhavati(分配袈裟给未来沙弥)
12.00 noon
23rd Nov 2014 (Sunday)
a) Rehearsal for Ordination ceremony
b) cleaning of sleeping place and others
12.00 noon
30th Nov 2014 (Sunday)
a) Shaving ceremony (剃度仪式)
b) Ordination ceremony(授戒仪式)
4.00 pm

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