Saturday, October 27, 2012

2012 Pre-orientation of Novitiate Program

The pre-orientation program start at 7.30am for Sāmaṇera & Sikkhāvatī-To-Be to register themselves in the program. They queue up to mark their attendance and write their name tag. Parents confirm the Biodata of their children.

After complete the registration, participants go to claim their robes. Robe is distributed according to the size of participant. They are required to wash the robes and return it back on 28th Oct 2012.

Those have received the robe, they will be attending a meditation briefing by Teacher Thum and practice accordingly.

Around 9:00am, all Sāmaṇera & Sikkhāvatī-To-Be, parents and teachers line up to offer Triple Gem with water, flowers, light and incense.

After the morning service and Puja, parents are gathered in the Mudita room for Sāmaṇera & Sikkhāvatī program briefing and invite parents to participate in the 16th December outing Dana. At the same time, Sayadaw Pannananda teaches all Sāmaṇera & Sikkhāvatī-To-Be the procedure of ordination chanting.

Lastly, we end the pre-orientation program by reciting metta chanting together before going for refreshment.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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